Our Leaders and Teams´╗┐

Congregational Council

The Congregational Council meets quarterly and is the primary legislative

administrative body of Acton Church that oversees all matters pertaining to fiscal policy and the general administration of the church.  

Strategy Council

The Ministry Leadership Team is an adaptive and technical team that will fulfill the task of communicating pastoral vision, connect the committees, ministries and program areas of Acton UMC, and fulfill requirements for the The United Methodist Book of Discipline.  Strategy Council reports to the Congregational Council.

Trustee Commitee

The Trustees is a technical team which meets monthly, charged with caring for the building, grounds, and investments.  The Trustees also receive bequests and make recommendations on their distribution to the Congregational Council.

Staff Parish

The Staff Parish Relations Committee is a technical committee for AUMC.  It meets monthly and cares for the welfare of the pastor, staff and congregation.


The Finance Committee is a technical team that meets quarterly.  It creates an annual budget, raises the monies, monitors the budget, and makes quarterly reports to the Congregational Council.

Congregational Council Members

Audrey Roberts, Chair

Earlene Cougill

Felicia Crowel

Brad Repass

Connie Walters

Larry Suits

Kay Lynne Zietlow

Linda Selke

Howard Jameson

Lee McCarty

Andy Crane

Ethan Warner

Olivia Woodrow

Pastor Matthew Stultz

Strategy Council Members

Dan Repass

Barb Wiley
Felicia Crowel

Diane Crane

Charlie Walters

Margie Townsend

Steve Povalac

Kellee Repass

Carol Cain

Pastor Matthew Stultz

Trustee Members

Howard Jameson, Chair

´╗┐Linda Selke

Tom Kerns

Peg Marshall

Arlette Povalac

Rick Lorenzoni

Chris Crowel

Ed Pucket

Pastor Matthew Stultz

Staff Parish Members

Linda Selke, Chair

Blake Warner

Barb Thompson

Mariann Meyer

Mark Woodrow

Lee McCarty

Pastor Matthew Stultz

Finance Members

Larry Suits, Chair

Felicia Crowel

Kay Lynne Zietlow

Dick Randolph

Rich Reasoner

Gary Fulk

Craig Whitaker

Renee Knight

Steve Povalac

Ed Puckett

Audrey Roberts

Howard Jameson

Linda Selke

Brad Repass

Lee McCarty

Pastor Matthew Stultz