Prayer Requests

Please contact Becca in our church office if you have need of prayer.  She will be happy to pass on your prayer request to the pastor and if you would like, the congregation, so we can have our prayer warriors praying for you.

Healing and Strength

The Family of Jerry Repass, Becky Carver, Braydon Holht (Becca's son), Suzie McKay, Jim Miller, Sandy Grubb, Chris Osbourn (Grubb's daughter), Theresa Birdwell, Kevin Hitt (Randolph's son-in-law), Greg McConaughey, Linda Hicks, Amy Berns (Debi's principal), Paula McIntosh

College Students

Alexandria Meyer, Maddie Woodrow, Amy Johnson, Olivia Woodrow, Nick Crane, Cherilynn Spicer, Ruth Crowel, Will Tope